The datacenter of yesteryear is not enough for today's digital business.

Regardless of industry, your business is likely experiencing change faster then ever. One of the biggest drivers is the speed in which companies are leveraging the cloud to out-pace or work-around traditional ways of doing business.  Attunix Modern Datacenter Solutions focus on the greatest opportunities to advance your computing capabilities while ensuring the business is built on a solid foundation for continued innovation and growth. We do this across four core Modern Datacenter solutions:


Attunix Datacenter Migration

Migrate a portion or your complete datacenter into MS Azure. Our process for migration greatly reduces downtime and ensures the business never is the wiser.

Hybrid Cloud Design & Implementation

Because of policy, existing investments, or pace, your business may need a partial or phased approach to entering the Cloud. Attunix can help you determine the right steps and plan to meet your objectives.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery has come a long way - and the Attunix team has been there from the beginning. Save money over your current BCDR strategy and put ASR to work for your business.


If your need is storage, sometimes its not that simple. Attunix StorSimple team can help you set things up right to protect and govern your valuable data.

Attunix Datacenter Migration

We understand that migration takes time and planning. We will help plan for cost, identify key business and technical requirements, analyze and design, plan the timeline, create a plan for testing, identify the resources needed, and plan the management in Azure. We know that you care about your business and how important your applications are, we treat you and your needs with the respect they deserve. Whether you are considering a cloud assessment or undertaking a pilot exercise with a handful of applications to uncover risks and process changes to justify the business case for migration to the Cloud, we assist with the best path to the cloud for your organization.


Hybrid Cloud Design & Implementation

Migrating your datacenter can feel daunting. The reality is, some things can't be migrated.  For those that can, we'll help you map a path from where you are today to where you plan to end up tomorrow. Whether you want to migrate your workloads to Azure or you need to design and implement your Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, we can help.

Our experts are available to discuss your objectives and priorities offering recommendations as well as designing the roadmap that leads to success.

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