Ways to Avoid DevOps Burnout

  • June 10, 2018

    You want your DevOps culture to thrive. DevOps initiatives bring incredible value to the organizations they serve. A recent article published in The Enterprisers Project warns that missed warning signs and unmet needs can lead to burnout.

    Avoid driving your DevOps team into the ground. There are many things leaders in IT can do to foster a thriving DevOps culture. In this post, we will discuss some of the methods highlighted in the article for creating a healthy and sustainable IT environment.

    Remove Friction

    DevOps brings operations and development together in an effort to eliminate internal silos. Coalescing teams can raise friction among people. Make sure to address any friction before it becomes a problem. IT leaders need to strive for frictionless workflows. Friction extends beyond people. Friction can arise from policies that put up unnecessary roadblocks that don’t add value. Reduce and eliminate the friction and the resistance.

    Turn Setbacks into Comebacks

    Embrace failure as a way to learn. Fast development will certainly lead to lots of setbacks and tribulations. Don’t punish your team for mistakes and failures but rather turn them into lessons and move forward. The article quotes Robert Reeves, CTO of Datical, “Instead of asking who is to blame, I would ask, ‘What are the next areas to improve using DevOps?”

    Measure the Program

    In a previous article, we discuss methods for measuring DevOps performance. Measuring your DevOps efforts provides key indicators for stakeholders on the value your program brings to the organization. It also gives credit where credit is due! Your team will want to know their efforts are worthwhile and that internal influencers acknowledge it.


    Pay Attention to Warning Signs

    Burnout is commonplace in the IT profession. Tech by nature attracts people willing to work hard until they accomplish their goals. Couple this natural drive with the fast pace and pressure of DevOps and employees can quickly suffer from burnout. Look for burnout warning signs by listening to your team. Dary Merckens, CTO of Gunner Technology, says you can obtain a sense of the mental energy in DevOps by the bug frequency. The more bugs, the more likely your team may be running on fumes.


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