Korn Ferry

  • August 3, 2018

    Project Overview

    • Client: Korn Ferry

    • Products and Services: Modern Datacenter

    • Technologies: Microsoft Azure | Azure Site Recovery | Azure Backup | SQL | Azure Remote App | Azure Network Architecture

    • Industry: Professional Services

    • Organization Size: 7,000+

    • Headquarters: United Sates, California

    Strategic Datacenter Consolidation with Azure

    Korn Ferry, headquartered in Los Angeles, is the world’s largest global people and organizational advisory firm and the largest publicly traded search firm in the United States, with 80 offices in North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Following corporate acquisitions, Korn Ferry selected Attunix for cloud migration to integrate acquired datacenters onto Microsoft Azure.

    Acquisition Leads to Datacenter Consolidation

    On September 24th 2015, Korn Ferry announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hay Group, a global management consulting firm based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with 86 offices in 49 countries. On December 1st 2015, Korn Ferry completed its acquisition of Hay Group. Korn Ferry wanted to migrate Hay Group servers at the Wilmington datacenter by May of the next year.

    After the acquisition of the Hay Group, Korn Ferry did not want to manage an additional datacenter as part of their IT Operations effort. They decided to go with a Hybrid Cloud approach with the Hay Group servers in a Public Cloud Environment. They evaluated Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, and selected Azure as their cloud platform. Working closely with Microsoft, Attunix provided Korn Ferry a clear roadmap to Hybrid Cloud adoption.

    Backup and Migration

    Korn Ferry chose Attunix, a Microsoft Partner of the Year, to analyze the servers and applications at Hay Group and to design, plan and migrate those servers to Azure and enable Azure Backup for the servers after migration. Attunix also empowered the Korn Ferry team with knowledge around best practices for solutions on the Azure cloud platform.

    Through this engagement, Azure experts from Attunix collaborated with the Korn Ferry and Hay Group teams to analyze their business needs for consolidation and migration. The combined team reviewed current business operations and designed the future operation state in Azure. With this information, the combined team designed the architecture and migration plan that suited the business needs and then migrated servers from the Wilmington datacenter to Microsoft Azure using multiple technologies and approaches including Azure Site Recovery. Azure Backup was configured and enabled for the servers after they were migrated to Azure including both Azure IAAS and file/folder backups. SQL clusters, Network Security Groups and Azure RemoteApp were also deployed for VDI’s as part of the migration.

    The Technical Big Picture

    The migration to Azure and Azure IAAS Backup effort included the following workloads:

    • 98 VMware Windows servers with 16TB data to be migrated to Azure using Azure Site Recovery
    • Deploy RemoteApp as need to handle the 83 VDI (up to 20 MS Stack and 10 Custom Templates) Instances
    • 140 servers to be created as IAAS servers in Azure and migrate 10TB data for these servers
    • Configure Azure IAAS Backup for 238 servers

    Delivering Results

    • Migration of 98 servers to Azure using ASR
    • Created 140 IAAS Virtual Machines in Azure and migrated relevant data
    • Deployed RemoteApp as needed to handle the 83 VDI (up to 20 MS Stack and 10 Custom Templates) Instances
    • Configured Azure Backup for 238 Azure IAAS servers
    • Azure Network Architecture

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